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Product  Overview


GreenTouch touchscreens are based on proven 4-wire resistive technology, the preferred solution for applications that demand reliability, input flexibility, and contamination resistance. The screens work with standard EETI/GreenTouch controller/chip solutions and drivers under a wide variety of operating systems, and are available in a set of standard products as well as customized designs.



Product Quality And Service


GreenTouch's resistive touchscreens are available with proprietary GreenTouch technology to deliver a touch response that is drift-free and accurate in high-use applications. These touch screens  provide a longer product life, designed to withstand more than 5 million touches.


We use stable IC and bonding equipment to maintain high yield and quality.Touch function requires professional calibration to avoid the interference of the motherboard,driver board and other electrical appliances to achieve the best experience.We have professional knowledge, technology and clean room to bring customers high reliability products!




Product Features


♦ 4-wire resistive touch, technologically mature, and can be used with gloves in harsh environments.

♦ Products precision, and robustness ,extremely durable.

♦ Can be sealed against contamination,support NEMA 4/4x/12 and IP65 standards.  

♦ Can meet the pencil hardness 3H per ASTM D3363

♦ Class 1,000 clean,fast delivery,high quality. (Air Bonding / OCR Bonding)


4  Wire  Resistive Touch Screen 


Regular Size: 2.7",4.3",5.7",6.0",6.2",6.5",7",9.0",9.7",10.1"
Product Structure: ITO Film + ITO Glass
Light Transmissi On: ≥78%
Input Method: Finger,Pen Stylus
Insulation Impedance: Exceeds 20M ohm, @DC 25V
Operational Voltage: 2.5V to 5V DC
Surface Hardness: 3H
Operation /Storage Temperature: -20° C -50° C,  -40° C~ 75° C
Humidity: 90% RH, Noncondensing
Touch Durability: 5 Million Touches
Operation Systems: Windows,Android,Linux
Product Certified: CE,FCC,RoHS
Warranty: 1 year



Product Customizable

•Screen size

• FPC outlet location and length

• ITO glass thickness

• Matte anti-newton ring, bright surface treatment such as anti-newton ring



Product Applications



Point-of-sale (POS) terminals,Voting, ticket and lottery terminals,industrial automation,industrial panel PC,medical equipment,office automation,retail automation,etc.





Specifications And Downloads


Sizes Model
Dimensions Display Size     Proportion Operation Systems Download
2.7" GT-4W-2.7A-1 63*58mm 60*35mm 4:3 Windows,Android,Linux Download
2.7" GT-4W-2.7B-1 65*46mm 59*40mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
4.3" GT-4W-4.3A-1 103*66mm 99*58mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
5.7" GT-4W-5.7A-1 132*104mm 123*94mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
6.0" GT-4W-6.0A-1 138*101mm 124*92mm 4:3 Windows,Android,Linux Download
6.2" GT-4W-6.2A-1 165*70mm 154*59mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
6.5" GT-4W-6.5A-1 152*117mm 136*102mm 4:3 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0B-1 165*104mm 155*94mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0B-2 165*104mm 155*94mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0C-1 164*103mm 155*94mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0C-2 164*103mm 155*94mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0D-1 165*104" 154*93mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0F 182*118mm 159*97mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0G-1 165*100m 155*88mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7.0K-1 164*100mm 156*89mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7E-1 161*105mm 153*96mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7H-1 164*103mm 155*94mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
7.0" GT-4W-7J-1 172*115mm 154*86mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
9.0" GT-4W-9.0A-1 211*126mm 200*113mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
9.0" GT-4W-9.0B-1 210*126mm 201*115mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download
9.7" GT-4W-9.7A-1 210*164mm 200*152mm 4:3 Windows,Android,Linux Download
10.1" GT-4W-10.1A-1 235*143mm 225*128mm 16:9 Windows,Android,Linux Download


* Regular Size: 2.7 -10.1 Inches, Other Sizes Can Be Customized
* Touch Type:4 Wire Resistive ,Single Touch
* Material: ITO Film+ ITO Glass

* Resolution:4096 X 4096

 * Surface Hardness:3H

 * Certificates:CE、FCC、RoHS
 * Warranty:1 Year

4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen 2.7"-10.1"