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      The express cabinet is a new type of facility in the express logistics industry. Its main function is to provide a cabinet for temporarily storing express delivery, which is convenient for delivery personnel to improve delivery efficiency, and also facilitates office workers who usually go to work and have no one at home, and standardize express delivery terminal services. The display screen of the express cabinet is embedded in the installation part of the express cabinet to control the display of the express cabinet signal and the control of the cabinet door to realize the human-computer interaction interface. 

     GreenTouch 2C highlight plus fan series products are suitable for the touch display screen of express cabinet signal transmission and control. This model is versatile and powerful. Its LCD screen brightness can reach 1000ints, which can provide better Watch the vision; taking into account the impact of outdoor temperature changes, this express cabinet touch display all-in-one machine also has built-in 2 turbo bass fans to ensure that the display actively circulates heat during working hours. 

     The express cabinet is a self-service device that is convenient, punctual, and 24 hours a day to send and receive items. The touch display embedded in the smart express cabinet can quickly control the signal, which is convenient for customers to input information, store or take out their own items. In addition, the express cabinet display all-in-one machine has a stable operating background, which is convenient for background management. The large-screen touch LCD screen can be set up with an advertising area and an operating area to achieve access to items and increase additional revenue through playing advertisements.

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GT-TC2CGL series Highlight touch all-in-one  10.1''-23.8''GT-TC2CGL series Highlight touch all-in-one vertical 10.1''-23.8''

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